Monday, September 14, 2009

Random pictures from Lincoln

Mike Neary bought this stuffed toy to bring back for his son to play with. He also bought this stuffed Nebraska cow.

Sammy snuck into the back of The Winged Wonder to ride along and give instruction on Craig's runs on Friday. Craig kicked him out after only one run. "He fell asleep by the time I reached the first slalom."

Danny thinks he's so funny giving the "rabbit ears," wait until he sees Shane Chinonn Rhoden's group photo.

OPR -- other people's rubber -- was a plague almost as bad as locusts in a cornfield. This is a piece that was stuck to the inside of the wheel.

Mark Valera and Jeff Jacobs, who often come down to run at FedEx Field with the DC Region, had the tough job of being operating stewards on Thursday-Friday. Here they discuss who's turn it is to make the run for the $4.99 lunch special at the IGA.

Karen Kraus on the west course in the ESP Death Machine.

If you didn't bring a bike or something similar, you walked. A lot.

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