Monday, September 7, 2009

Big day for WDCR at the Pro Finale

National events are jammed pack with fast drivers all over the country, but this year's big winners definitely came from our region:

Sam Strano - F-Stock, overall ProSolo Super Challenge Winner. Sam even made a speech!

Ian Baker - ProSolo Finale winner. Ian won so many acorns that Ian can quit his day job.

There are many other winners, which include:

Brian Garfield finally got a big F125 win at the Pro, despite Mike Kline's attempt to sabotage the kart which was caught on film.

Mike disconnecting the ignition wire.

Brian won the F125 ProSolo Finale.

Brian also schooled Kline on how to sabotage a kart. Kline's fastest run was disqualified because he ran with Brian's numbers instead of his. Brian claimed 5th when questioned.

Little Mike Synder, Carrie Synder, Brian Burdette, and Julian Garfield for all doing well and won a trophy at the ProSolo banquet.

Carrie in action. I stole the composition from Jim on this one, but not as good of course.

Greg Olsen's 29th birthday - we sang Happy Birthday for him several times today.

And last but not the least - All the ladies participated in the Ladies Challenge were treated with a topless John V parading through hot grid showing off his six-pack***. Just wait Johnny boy - when you are my age, you will lose five of those packs.

*** For a 8x10 glassy of the topless John V or the 36x24 poster version, please contact Jim Sykes at

Oh, Lisa Garfield and I both agreed that we are tired of losing and we don't want to be in last place any more. It happens every year and we are just sick of it. Can't wait until Justin Neal, Frank Weichold and Edwin Liu to show up for the Nationals to help to ease our miseries...

On a separate note. We were treated with good weather with no fog delay:

Mike Kline dusted me in the practice course. 43.3 vs 44.1. Waiting for Neary and Craig to show up in to see what they can do. STU ProSolo was won by Jake Namer over Corey Redgick and it will be a very interesting STU Nationals.

Tomorrow is Frisbee golf day, aka Greg "Tiger" Olsen invitational. Mike Stanley already started talking smacks; but I am not worried - just because he stayed at Holiday Express last night, it doesn't really mean he can play.

P.S. I stayed up this late because Clyde, Frank and I chit-chatted with Craig and Jane until midnight. I swear I didn't go to the "mandatory driver's meeting".

P.P.S. Welcome the new arrivals today: Craig and Jane, Josh Luster, Learic, Clyde, Cook and Stanley (Mike sucks)

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