Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last day of Solo Nationals

After 10 days of running around in Nebraska, I am finally sitting in my family room chatting with my wife Jody and secretly figuring out how to buy that Tony Kart Krypton that won the F125 Nationals. The details of the last day is getting a little fuzzy because again, my old age. But here is what happened as I remembered it:

6:40am - Neary was completely surprised that Brian Burdette was already of out the hotel and walking the courses, and he was even more surprised that I am in the lobby on time for a change.

7:00am - Picked at Craig at the hotel and he was bragging about holding up to his end of the bargain yesterday (last place in STU), and his physical prowless that he swam a grand total of two laps last night in a 10 meter pool in the hotel.

8:00am - After walking the course, the 1st heat started on time. Burdette was facing tough competition from Mark Madarash and Greg McCance and ended up 5th. Katie and Learic drove hard but didn't trophy; and Shawn was being Camera shy for some reason.

10:00am - F125 race was a bit fuzzy. Mainly because I drove like crap. Old age and high blood pressure are impeding my ability to remember. But here is what happened:

Edwin drove the wheel off! I meant really, he drove the wheel off. Edwin's front spindle had a hairline crack and it finally snapped off during his first run in the fastest section. When I saw Shane, Justin and Edwin pushing the kart back on three wheels, I know it didn't look good. Now Edwin is offically in the "drove the wheel off club" with me, Lisa and Kline. (Which is not the same club as "driving into the pole" like Don Miller and someone who will remain anonymous)

Mike McClintock and Eric Clement immediately offered Edwin and Justin co-drives. These guys in F125 are so cool! Justin ended up finished in 9th, exactly like I predicted it; and Edwin finished in 17th, one off my prediction.

Mike Kline showed up in the morning whinning about cracked ribs and banged up shoulder, definitely showing the sympton of KC disease. I told him my "Danny the Greek" reputation has to stay intact and told him to suck it up and drive; but after making faces like someone punched him in the stomach for the next hour, Mike ended up in 12th. Good try Mike, but I am sending him to the Double AA farm autocross team in the Taiwan until he improves.

Frank Weichold is bitching about how suck my kart is: it doesn't brake, it doesn't shift, and it doesn't turn. I got mad to told him that he sucks and he doesn't know who to drive and I will show him how good my kart is. After I got back from my first run, I was bitching to Frank how suck my kart is: it doesn't brake, it doesn't shift, and it doesn't turn; Frank proceded to told me I sucked. I finished 16th and Frank finished 21st. It's a good thing we didn't bet dinner again.

The only positive thing about me sucking is I easily managed to give Brian a nice rerun, and I am still expecting my $50 payment arriving in the mail. Brian had a good driving day and finished just behind the flying Paul Russell and fastest kid in the country, JT McClintock. Brian bettered my prediction by one spot by making Kline do 25% of the work. Next year Kline might have to do 100% of work since now the system is working.

I think all the karters had a great time. I wished Kline could be a little better, but we lived up to "my" expectation and hopefully everybody elses...

Noon: Justin and Edwin went out to get a sandwich from KFC and asked me if I need anything, and I told them a couple of original pieces will be good. Jane and Kline went to to get pizza and asked me if I need anything, and I told them I will take a slice. In about an hour, I got a bucket full of chicken, 3 pizzas and and a bunch of cookies. Didn't they know I already gain 5 lbs this week?

2:00 pm: After some frantic packing to avoid the rain storm, I put on my team jersey and checked out STU in action. F-Stock National Champion, Mr. Sam Strano came by and gave my teammates some advice: he told Craig there is no hope, then he told Neary there is no hope. I thought that was some sound advice. Then Sam mumbled something to me but I was too pre-occupied to hear what he was saying. Here is a picture after Sam talked to Neary and me.

STU race started soon after. Craig quickly jumped into the 2nd place (from the last), but surprisingly clean. Josh drove like he was in a sea of piranhas and completely stayed of from the cones. Neary drove hard, but the California Wing Monster was just a little faster. At the end, Neary coned away from a 7th and finish 10th. Josh finished just above mid-pack, and Craig finished in 3rd (from the last) place.

3:30pm - I quickly hustled to the west course to check out Lisa in action. Lisa was lounging around like she is Cleopatra, so I guess Brian would be Richard Burton holding the umbrella and fanning the queen. (For you kids who didn't know who Richard Burton is, don't feel bad; you have to be Craig's age to know who he is) The F125L race was very intense. Lisa was holding in 2nd spot for most of the race, but the little Mohawk lady just edge Lisa with the last run. :(

5:00pm - A mad dash to beat the rain forced us to do some serious packing. We managed to snap a group pictures with some quick thinking from Shane, and for some strange reason I had an overwhelming urge of eating carrots when the picture was taken.

7:00pm - Solo Banquet was more interesting than last year and Wednesday because we goofed on a "Corn Hat" for quite sometime. The guys that trophied on Friday are:

Karen Kraus - 1st ESPL
Brian Garfield - 3rd F125
Ian Baker - 3rd STS
Brian Burdette - 5th ESP
Mike Neary - 10th STU
Eric Krimelmeyer - 15th AS


Edwin Liu - One broken spindle.
Danny Kao - 10 pieces of chicken, 9 slices of pizza, 4 cookies all in the 4 o'clock hour.
Mike Kline - One bruise rib, one busted shoulder.
Josh Luster - A clean STI.

This wraps up the last day of Solo Nationals activities. A big final report will be up in the next few days where all WDCR participants will be interviewed. That blog should hit the stands before the 1st snow. Tata for now...

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