Saturday, September 5, 2009

ProSolo Finale - 1st day

This morning started off with the best tasting scones ever and was heavily endorsed by Brian Burdette. So I naturally stuffed myself with them and John V's aunt's cookies all day - resulted in a weigh-in of 418 lbs. Don Miller would have appreciate this.

This morning also started with the foggiest day ever. The visibilty is no more than 50 feet which made driving to the site an adventure, and of course we were also greeted with a course delay. Here are some of the morning pictuers for your enjoyment/amusement:

Picture at the Tech area. There ar a bunch of people around, I swear...

The faster guys get to the course early too...

Here is a picture from the start.

Here is a picture from Station 5, where I operated the radio and red flag.

Finish line. From here it looks like the two dudes were holding hands. But it's not like if there is anything wrong with that.

Conversation between Jerry Enger and Dave Newman:

Jerry: Have you seen the crazy giant Panda in the XP Panda mobile?

Newman: You are looking at him.

Since Brian Garfield actually read this blog, he decided to take a page out of Mike Kline's notebook on how to be fast. So while everybody was setting the karts up, Brian was sitting under the tent eating a banana while Kline was changing tires and getting the karts to grid:

But Brian went a little too far: He asked Lisa to bring the fan and fan him like he is Cleopetra, which resulted this domestic violence episode caught on film:

Since Brian didn't do any work at all, he is leading in the F125 class by 2 1/2 tenth. Brian also sabotage his own kart by pull out the ground wire before Kline's run to make sure he is in the lead. So Kline is over 1 second back despite trying to take a nap without Brian watching.

Lisa and I did all the work while Brian was doing his best diva impression, as the result we are holding the bottom spots. But no need to fear - tomorrow I am doing the whole course in 6th gear...

F125 current standing:

1st Brian Garfield
2nd Some fast dude from Detroit
3rd Another fast dude from Detroit
4th what? Another fast dude from Detroit?!
5th Mike Kline, the abused Mike Kline.
6th Super fast girl from Detroit.
7th Some fast guy from Lost Wages.
8th Super fast women from Idaho.
9th Danny Kao, lucky to beat Lisa.
10th Lisa Garfield, her luck is worst than mine.

Results for the rest of the gang: (From my recollection, and this could be totally wrong..)

Ian - Winning by a lot in STS.
Little Mike Synder - How are you doing Mike, "Nah", says Mike.
Big Mike Synder still enjoyed being 30 years younger after he got rid of his mustache.
Lee - No! 20 years ago, maybe...
Sam - Winning in F-Stock, what elsse is new.
Greg - Can't keep his mind of disc golf.
John V - Great cookies, needs a car wash after I kept on making cone calls on Greg.
Brian Burdette - 4th?! Damn WRX.
Frank Weichold - Needs another MRI.
Jason Becker - Have to buy a new timing box.
Julian and Carson - Two fried clutches.
Carrie Synder - Drove like crap (in her own words), but still in 2nd place.
Marshall Cone - Where is Marshall?
Jim Sykes - Make me feel inadequate - Lens envy.

Did I forget anybody else?

Tomorrow - the Finale of the Finale.

P.S. Last time I talked to Kline the Garfields were still fixing clutches in the bug infested Lincoln airport while we wine and dine with the FMod National Champ and this year's F-Mod Ladies National Champ (another one of my prediction). I am such a kiss-up.

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  1. So Danny, would I appreciate the scones and cookies for breakfast or the fact that your were 33 pounds over weight? :)

    Thanks for the updates. I really wish I was there with you guys (and gal).