Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st day of Solo Nationals

Today is the first day of the Solo Nationals, and the usual suspects are on top again.

Disclaimer: I am completely pooped and tired from all day of working, so I really don't know exactly who is at what place other than what I have heard. For the accurate result, please go to SCCA.org.

8am - Heat Zero, FJB:

Julian and Carson Garfield, along with one other junior are the three competitors in FJB. Julian was clean on the first run, dirty on the second run and clean on the 3rd run with the best time of 61.xxx. 5 seconds ahead of Carson, who is in 2nd place with fuel starvation problem. Carson's car is, we think, fixed. But there might be a possibility that Julian and Carson will co-drive tomorrow.

9am - ESL: (Not English as a Second Language)

Carrie Synder is in 5th (or 6th) place and I think she is within a second of the leader. It should be pretty easy for Carrie to catch up tomorrow. (She eats onion rings like Popeye eats spinach, by the way)

10am - Super Stock and SSM:

John Vitamvas and Greg Olsen were co-driving John's Z06 Corvette. Greg was doing slightly better than John and I believe they are in the 10ths and 20ths, respectively. I talked to John's brother from Colorado during my work session and he mentioned John made a small mistake in each of the runs. But both are in good spirits and having a good time.

The following conversion reflects how is Jason Becker's (SSM 25) race:

Me: Jason, how did you do?

Jason: Pretty well. I drove as hard as I can and ran a 58.xxx.

Me: That's great! Where do you stand in class?

Jason: I don't know. The 3 rotor SSM RX7 ran a 55.xxx.

12pm - F-Stock:

I didn't get a chance to watch F-Stock as I was working at the test and tune course while Craig destroyed every cone in sight as well as the finish. But I think Sam is in first, then Lee. Big Mike is in (6th?) Again, I am tired and not even checking the results at the SCCA site. I will leave that for you guys to find out.

12pm - Evo School, Craig's test and tune:

Craig took 5 runs at the Evo School test and tune. He had to stop because he got car sick. (or sick of the car, I am not sure which one) Mike "Junior" Johnson told me during the session that I can work anywhere I want because I am a friend of his, which I am honored. But he followed up by telling me not to mentioned that to anyone...

2pm - FSAE:

Since I worked at the FSAE heat for about three hours due to an oil spill, I had a good look at the FSAE competition. It's hard for me to admit, but Mike Stanley is a better driver than me, and he can throw frisbee longer than me, and quite a ladies man. But I still think I speak better Chinese than he does, and I weight more.

Mike and Mike are in 2nd and 5th place. Mike had to sacrifice for Mike to make sure Mike has hot tires to work with.

4pm - Back to the camp:

I finally realized that Edwin, Justin, Neary, Shane, and Buttdyno are all here, and we all went to dinner afterwards as bunch of "cats". Many of us also did a course walk before dinner with Kline; Kline told me to pitch here, to pitch there, and pitch everywhere; and now I am more confused than ever.

I had to ask Brian if I can give Lisa a hug because it is her birthday. Brian says that was pretty creepy; but I think he finally realized that giving him a hug from me for Lisa birthday will be much creepier. Happy Birthday Lisa!

Some pictures will be uploaded at the later time because I can't even carry on a coherent conversion with my wife right now. I took a lot of pictures, including some obscene pictures of Craig and pictures of how a caveman destroys T-Bone steak. More details to follow...

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