Friday, September 4, 2009

First day at Lincoln

Hello from Lincoln! Or should I say Haro from Rinken.

Yesterday's drive was exactly 20 hours for us old guys. (14 bathroom stops) I think the race to Lincoln is exactly the same as any typical autocross, except the time difference is measure in hours, not seconds.

Frank Weichold and I showed up at the site on 9:40am and were greeted with a long line of cars. The gate was not opened yet and we already had over 50 trucks and trailers waiting to get it. In the lines were Sam Strano, the Garfields and Mike Kline, and Ian, Carrie and Jim Sykes. Now you know who are the dedicated ones.

Sam polishing Big Mike's Shelby while waiting in line.

Lisa, Julian, Carson and Mike Kline watching while Brian yapping it up on Mathius Road.

Carrie trying to twitter with her iPhone and fight off people trying to steal her Gulf shirt.

Jim decided to visit between the big LeMan and Pettite LeMan.

Ian needs an iPhone and learn how to pack his trailer.

The line for the paddock space was not terribly long. As soon as the paddock chief realized we are all with Brian, he gathered all of us up behind some back alley, and sent us to a paddock space somewhere in Idaho. Brian bullied his way to put us back to civilization and we ended up occupying part of Row 4 and 5.

The line...

Our paddock space in Idaho before we got moved.

John V and Greg Olsen showed up fashionable late; and immediately Greg was cruising around in a new golf kart like he is a member of a disc golf country club.

The talk of the town today was "when I grew up, I want to be like GJ Dixon." GJ from the New York region got a co-drive from a SoCal member driving a Ferrari F430 prepped for autocross. I offered GJ to co-drive my kart in exchange, but he wasn't interested for some reason.

(Photo of F430 is unobtainable for me, just like the car)

While everybody was working hard on setting up the camp and working on karts, here is my predicted F125 winner working deligently on preparing his National Championship run:

The vendors present in the Nationals are:

Bridgestone, Hoosier, SPS, the Coffee trailer, and the pizza trailer. I tried to get the Julian a Bridgestone sponsor deal before he becomes a Formula One superstar, but the Bridgestone rep won't even give us a hat or a t-shirt. We had to beg the rep before they let us hold the tires.

Even Julian can pick up the F1 rim and tire with ease.

This will be the only time I get to pick up anything remotely resembled to a trophy this year.

Got two free coffee mugs from buying some shirts from SPS, the cold chocolaty coffee drink was pretty good, and the free dinner was hamberger, sausage, beans, chips, and diet coke/mountain dew.

Oh, btw, course is huge and awesome and I am doing the entire course in 6th gear. (While everybody shaked their heads and think I am nuts) But that's for tomorrow.

Good bye from Rinken for now, more fun and games tomorrow.

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