Friday, September 10, 2010

Solo Nationals Report from Thursday

After being shutout from Tuesday-Wednesday competition, Autocrossers, Inc., members are finally making some noise. Sam Strano is leading F Stock with the 4-5-6 trophy spots occupied by Jason Hopenprayer, Lee Piccione and Big Mike Snyder. Wow, it's like FedEx Field has moved halfway across the country! (And gotten really flat and a lot more grippy.)

As for the rest of the WDCR members, Mike and Mike with the University of Maryland FSAE car are puttin' a hurtin' on the rest of the competition. Stanley leads Cook by 0.902, and Cook is ahead of his next closest rival by 1.6 seconds.

Brian Karwan has almost a two tenths lead in the SMurF class. Nobody knows who that is in the faaaaassssssssssst little white Civic except us. Hopefully he can keep it up on Friday.

Brian was running in the third heat on the west course on Thursday, and it was interesting because there were three other WDCR members in the same heat. Learic Cramer and Holly Schwedler came through on their final runs to move into second place in C Stock Ladies and F Stock Ladies, respectively. Learic is two tenths out of first while Holly is three tenths out, so both of them definitely have a shot on Friday. Jason Baker was also running in that same heat and after hitting multiple cones on his first two runs, he pulled out a clean run to move his BMW M Coupe into 12th place in Super Street Modified. There is A LOT of firepower in that class.

Speaking of firepower, in ASP, Courtney Cormier is in a trophy spot in fifth place but coned a run that would have had him in second behind his co-driver, Junior Johnson. ASP ran in drizzling conditions that had most of them running about a second off their faster times on their third runs.

In C Stock, the Robeson-Thomas Mazda RX-8 is attracting attention from the cones, but I think both of them are just happy to be driving after 2-3 days of sitting around and watching everybody else drive.

Don't forget, things kick off Friday at 9 a.m. EST, and you can keep track of the action at Results have been posted in near-real time -- many competitors can be seen in grid staring intensely at their phones as they figure out where they are standing in class.

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