Sunday, August 29, 2010

WDCR Solo Nats F125 Injury Report

There are less than 10 days left before the F125 class takes on some evil course designers in Lincoln. What's better than reporting on the currently injuries/disabled news for the F125 National participants? Here is the latest:

Mike Kline - Fear of commitment and predicted overdose. Mike is having trouble committing to his new kart, and the predicted Sonics overdose on the way to Lincoln is a foregone conclusion. (Same goes for Josh Luster, those dudes need some serious help) Mike is still wishy washy on whose kart to drive, just like any politician.

Justin Neal - Suffering from power hungry symptoms and mounting problem. After I've been telling him all year that he has a horsepower problem, it took a broken motor mount before Justin realized his motor is underpowered compare with others. Now he is power hungry and looking for a mount, just like any politician.

Edwin Liu - "Over worked" and completely lack of focus. Edwin has been using "working" as an excuse to miss the last 2 1/2 karting events. But the reality is he has been playing Starcraft 2 instead of "working". It doesn't stop Edwin though: He won every race he entered after he stopped karting regularly. Saying one thing and does the other, just like any politician.

Lisa Garfield - "Oh, it's a small leak". It starts out from a simple sentence from Marshall Cone: "Lisa, your spindle is loose". It leads to replacement of a spindle, which leads to a seized front brake caliper, followed by a rear brake bleeding disaster, then turned into a completely corner weighing problem, which resulted to a four hour camber/caster/toe/camber/caster/toe camber/caster/toe/camber/caster/toe/camber/caster/toe adjustment session, then leads to a disastrous ride height adjustment session which leads to a busted spindle bearing on the side of the spindle that was working. This finally ended with Brian to announce: "I want my life back".
(No politician reference needed on this one)

Brian Garfield - "Suffered injuries that can't not be disclosed in public". This afternoon, Brian suffered an injury that we can not disclose in public. I can only summed up as a "typical politician injury".

Danny Kao - Always go left, having problem turning right. Danny is suffering a tweaked chassis so he can turn left very easily, but impossible to turn right. It's kind of fixed, but now my front end is all crooked it. Well, just like any politician.

This concludes the F125 injury/disabled report.

Danny Kao, WDCRSoloNats News.

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