Monday, August 31, 2009

It's just around the corner

By this time next week, the Pro Finale will be over and DC Region members competiting at the Solo National Championships will either be in Lincoln, on their way to Lincoln or wondering if they will make it to Lincoln. Be sure and check here for updates as the crack WDCR Solo Nats bloggers try to keep people updated on the tomfoolery week's events as people pursue fame and prestige by winning championships or coming home with cherished $5 trophies, or just the joy of not finishing DFL competing.

The following are the DC Region members who will be competing at the Pro Finale and then the regular Solo Nationals (hopefully not missing anybody):

Pro Solo Finale competitors
AM: Greg Olsen, Frank Weichold (I assume they're going to run SS and F125 respectively)
ESP: Brian Burdette
F125: Mike Kline, Danny Kao, Brian Garfield, Lisa Garfield
FJB: Carson Garfield, Julian Garfield
FS: Big Mike Snyder, Lee Piccione
HS: Marshall Cone
L1: Carrie Snyder
SS: John V (seriously, the entry list says "V, John")
SSM: Jason Becker
STS: Ian Baker, Little Mike Snyder

Running Tuesday/Wednesday
AM: Gene Cooley, Bernard Cooley
CSP: Tim Aro
DSP: Doug Keiler
ESL: Carrie Snyder
FJB: Carson Garfield, Julian Garfield
FS: Big Mike Snyder, Terry Baker, Lee Piccione
FSAE: Mike Cook, Mike Stanley
SS: Greg Olsen, John V
SSM: Jason Becker

AS: Eric Kriemelmeyer, Clyde Caplan, Brendon Bengermino
BS: Shawn Roberts, Chike Dellimore (dual WDCR member)
BSL: Katie Orgler, Learic Cramer
ESP: Pat Griffith, Brian Burdette
F125: Edwin Liu, Frank Weichold, Brian Garfield, Justin Neal, Danny Kao, Mike Kline
F125L: Lisa Garfield
STS: Ian Baker
STU: Craig Garfield, Josh Luster, Mike Neary
STX: John Willemin, Shane Chinonn-Rhoden

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